Davi Augusto / Financial Times / UK

A series of illustrations - including the cover art - for the Financial Times Weekend supplement under the theme of The future of the automotive industry, signed by Davi Augusto.

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Davi Augusto / Book updated

Davi Augusto is a São Paulo-based Brazilian artist whose illustrations are showcased every month in his country's greatest magazines and newspapers. He has also collaborated on many ad campaigns for big companies like Adidas, Oakley, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Walmart... He finds inspiration all around him: people walking by, in the subway, in an empty alley. His creative process consists of recreating his own vision and interpretation of what he sees. At times a journalist, at others an anthropologist, this Elvis Presley fan finds inspiration in the works of Katsuhiro Otomo and Geof Darrow.

Davi Augusto / Capital Magazin / Germany

A series of illustrations by Davi Augusto for the German magazine Capital on the topic of the Wirecard scandal.