January 20, 2021

Goodbye Donald. Hello Joe. Vaccines for everyone (well almost ...). Is this the turning point we've all been waiting for? We'll see ... In the meantime, the artists of Colagene Paris continue their work from home. Here is a quick summary of the last few weeks.   And for a daily dose of visual art, there is always our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Nazario Graziano / L'Express

Following the events at the Capitol in Washington, Nazario Graziano illustrated the cover of L'Express entitled The Conspiracy Lab.

Silke Werzinger / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Silke Werzinger illustrated the portrait of Kamala Harris, the first woman, as well as the first African-American and Asian-American (Indo-American), elected to the vice-presidency of the United States.

Emmanuel Polanco / The invisible Man

A series of illustrations inspired by H.G. Wells's novel, "The Invisible Man",  drawn by Emmanuel Polanco.

András Csuka / New 3D artist

András is a 3D designer and animator who focuses on character design and world creation. He works with smooth, round shapes designed to create goofy and simple, yet expressive characters. András's creations combine the neat arrangements of graphic design and the surreal world of cartoons and comics.

Juanjo Gasull / L'Express

Scotland: the temptation of independence. Article (beautifully) illustrated by Juanjo Gasull for L'Express.

Owen Gent / Great Star Media / China

Beautiful book covers signed Owen Gent, published by Great Star Media in China. Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham and The Outsider by Albert Camus.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Madame Figaro

A series of illustrations by Stephanie F. Scholz for the Militate without committing article featured in Madame Figaro.

Nicolas André / WaltR

Film produced by Nicolas André for WaltR, the solution to more precise measures of the levels of atmospheric pollution.

Emmanuel Polanco / HEC Stories

A series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for the HEC Stories magazine for the dossier 10 stereotypes about Amazon.

Jenue / Book updated

Jenue's latest achievements, 3D artist who splits his time between Madrid and London.

David Despau / Abanca Bank

Series of portraits by David Despau for the Spanish bank Abanca.

Nazario Graziano / Le Monde

Cover of the special issue of Le Monde "Governing: from Pericles to Xi Jin Ping" illustrated by Nazario Graziano.

Steve Scott / Enedis

Cover and interior illustration of the Enedis internal magazine by Steve Scott. Enedis manages the electricity network in France.

Stephanie F. Scholz / The Inside Track

Cover of The Inside Track, the Essential Update for SAP Partners, illustrated by Stephanie F. Scholz.

Laura Liedo /

Laura Liedo participated in the development of the calendar of, a blog on graphics and creativity.

Antonio Uve / Iamp mall / China

An illustration by Antonio Uve, made for the Christmas promotion of the Shanghai iapm shopping center.