Stay Home.

Faced with this global health crisis, please note that Colagene Paris and its artists remain operational from home, safe and for some – whom we won’t name – in pyjamas!

Here is a selection of projects and personal research on the subject of the moment.
We are thinking of all of you. Stay safe. Stay home. And we sincerely thank the health care workers who work without counting their hours. We love you.

Stephanie F. Scholz / The Economist

Stephanie F. Scholz signs the cover of the March 20, 2020 issue of The Economist.

Owen Gent / The Economist

In this series Owen Gent illustrated the Covid 19 Lockdown for The Economist.

Silke Werzinger / Focus magazine

The toilet paper race illustrated by Silke Werzinger for Focus magazine.

Laura Liedo / L'Express

Should we have banned running (in France)? for l'Express, as well as a personal illustration on home confinement in pyjamas signed Laura Liedo.

Juanjo Gasull / Boris Johnson + Colpisa

Two illustrations by Juanjo Gasull ; Perhaps Boris Johnson should have taken this health crisis more seriously from the start? And the time change that occurred this weekend in a time of confinement (client: Colpisa, independent Spanish press agency).

Anne Cresci / Be my Quarantine

Patience - Stay Safe - Take care - Merci
Anne Cresci