Here we go again!

Let’s be honest: we were all more than ready for things to pick up again. Our expectations were high for this fall season, under the threat of a fourth wave that, in the end, didn’t arrive. We are more than happy to be back… not behind a screen, but face-to-face! So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to meet up for breakfast, lunch, a quick meeting…whatever, as long as it comes with people, smiles and exchanges. Let’s live it up!    We really got down to business this month. We’ve got a very full newsletter for you, and we didn’t even include everything. To stay on top of our latest news, follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn. See you soon for some fresh adventures.

Davi Augusto / Financial Times / UK

A series of illustrations - including the cover art - for the Financial Times Weekend supplement under the theme of The future of the automotive industry, signed by Davi Augusto.

Paykhan / Management / France

Every month, Paykhan illustrates the Interviews section of Management magazine.

Steve Scott / Le Minorange / France

An illustration for the Carbon Footprint report produced by Steve Scott, in Bouygues’ internal magazine, Le Minorange.

David Despau / Latest covers... / USA, France and Africa

Jeune Afrique, Billboard magazine, Commercial Observer... here are the latest covers signed by David Despau.

Antonio Uve / Barcelona City Council / Spain

A series of illustrations for the Barcelona City Council by Antonio Uve.

Francis Léveillée / YOP / Montreal

Poster campaign featured in the streets of Montreal for YOP illustrated by Francis Léveillée.

Antonio Uve / M le Monde / France

Antonio Uve illustrated the feature on non-alcoholic beverages for the M le Monde magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / Independent School Magazine / USA

The Dark Side of Rigor, When Achievement Overshadows Student Wellness. Some illustrations made for Independent School magazine signed Emmanuel Polanco.

Jenue / Latest projects / UK

Here are some of Jenue's latest achievements.

Laura Liedo / Latest projects / Spain

Here are some of Laura Liedo's latest illustrations for Vogue Spain, The Pennsylvania Gazette, El Correo,...

Gallmeister's latest covers / France

Here are some of the latest covers illustrated for Gallmeister. In order; Emmanuel PolancoStephanie F. Scolz and Juanjo Gasull.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Poster and covers / Germany

A poster for the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, as well as 2 covers of the Berliner Zeitung, illustrated by Stephanie F. Scholz.