Nazario Graziano / Orange

Nazario Graziano x Orange Christmas campaign x Publici Conseil
Retouching : Adrien Bénard

Petitom / Book updated

Petitom is a multidisciplinary visual artist who stands out by his quirky and colourful graphic style. His images are often developed through humour, satire and minimalism. Though he has a background in graphic design, he has always been fascinated with drawings in movement, honing his craft in motion design and artistic animation, frame by frame. Petitom also entertains a love of acrylic and produces mural art as well as other larger scale pieces.

Annick Poirier / Book updated

Annick has worn several hats in the graphic arts’ world before happily choosing to dedicate herself to illustration in the last decade. Eager traveler and enthusiast of contemporary architecture, design in all its forms, minimalism and ecology, she recently imagined, designed and managed the construction of her own healthy and eco-friendly tiny house in the Laurentians (Canada), where she now lives. Her studio has a most poetic view and a luminosity for all her projects.

Juanjo Gasull / Book updated

My name is Juanjo Gasull, I am a young illustrator born late in the 90's in Valencia, Spain. I studied illustration at the Superior School of Arts and Design in Alcoy, Spain. When it comes to my designing preferences, I always try illustrate simple yet conceptual ideas at the same time, mainly for communicative purposes with the use of desaturated colors and textures to tell a story. I particularly like to create the sort of illustrations that would make the spectator confuse themselves and imagine alternative points of view.

Davi Augusto / Book updated

Davi is a São Paulo-based Brazilian artist whose illustrations are showcased every month in his country's greatest magazines and newspapers. He has also collaborated on many ad campaigns for big companies like Adidas, Oakley, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Walmart... He finds inspiration all around him: people walking by, in the subway, in an empty alley. His creative process consists of recreating his own vision and interpretation of what he sees. At times a journalist, at others an anthropologist, this Elvis Presley fan finds inspiration in the works of Katsuhiro Otomo and Geof Darrow.

Silke Werzinger / Book updated

Silke finds inspiration in everyday life, magazines, and notebooks she picks up at flea markets. Her simple style, which combines ink and colour, has an almost adolescent brazenness, and her illustrations tell amusing stories in scenes taken from everyday life, conversations between friends, fashion and music.